Troubleshooting HP Printer Won’t Turn On Issue

Troubleshooting HP Printer Wont Turn On Issue

HP is a renowned brand for digital platforms as it provides a variety of products to users like printers, laptops, and much more. It has great innovation in terms of adding new features to the printers. HP gives the best experience in printing with fine class printing.

HP printer undergoes a speed test performance so that it can satisfy the user’s printing projects. It has big printers for the big banners to print and also has small or portable printers to print them anywhere from home. In this article, you get to know some of the steps to rectify the issues when the Hp Printer doesn’t turn on.

Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting steps for this issue:

Steps to Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn On

  • Stage 1: Start by connecting the force link to the electrical plug and press the printer’s capacity button. If the force light doesn’t streak, you can press the catch once more. Some HP printers set aside some effort to turn on, ensure you don’t hold the force button for a long time. Please give it some an ideal opportunity to instate, and else, it may again kill.
  • Step2: First, detach the printer’s capacity supply from the electrical plug and check if there are any obvious changes or adjustments. If your capacity link isn’t working appropriately, at that point, there should be an issue with the module. Disengage the force module from the printer. After this, you can associate the force link with the source. On the off chance that you locate the green light on the force, the module isn’t squinting; at that point, you need to supplant the part.
  • Stage 3: Take a stab at stopping the force supply into the HP printer indeed. Guarantee legitimate force supply. Regardless of whether the printer doesn’t begin at that point, change the electrical plug, and if the printer turns on, the issue is with the electrical plug and not the printer.
  • Stage 4: Search for the USB connector arranged at the rear of the printer, and afterward, at long last review, the last check if the printer is turning on. On the off chance that the printer is turning on without the USB, the issue is with the USB link. HP printer won’t turn on if you don’t change the link.

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In case your HP printer suddenly stops and won’t turn on, you need to make sure that you have to plug all the wires correctly.

For HP Customer Support Number, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683​

Steps to fix HP Printer won’t Print Issue

Check for Paper Jam inside the Printer

  • It would help if you cleared the paper jam inside the Hp printer.
  • Next, look at the record for Jam in Sheet Feeder Tray. Take the paper out delicately with two hands on the off chance that you see any paper stuck there; in any case, the paper may be destroyed.
  • Open Output Printer Cover and Make sure that there is no paper inside.
  • Open the printer backboard and check whether the paper is stuck inside.
  • Presently Load The Paper In The Feeder Tray Back The Power On and Turn On The Printer.

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Perform a Power Cycle

  • At first, turn off your Hp printer.
  • Disconnect the energy twine from the wall outlet.
  • Then, re-open it by maintaining the Power button for a minute.
  • Attach the power cord once more and join it on your device.
  • Power on each system and the Hp printer.
  • Now, try to take a print and test whether the canon printer is resolved or not.

For HP Customer Support Number, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683​


We wish that through this article, you get to know some of how you can solve the issue of HP printer won’t turn on. You need to update the printer drivers for the smooth functioning of the device. There are steps to solve the issues, and you need to follow them precisely, and you get to solve the issues. If you still face any issue in the Hp printer won’t turn on, then you have customer support to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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