How to fix HP Printer 49 Error Code

How to fix HP Printer 49 Error Code

Hp is best known for the amazingly known printers and the other electronic gadgets. It has a vast number of trusted users who can rely on them.

They have various printers like big printers, all-in-one printers, portable printers, etc. it maintains the user’s needs for the satisfactory level of users as they need in the printers. It brings out the best picture quality of a text.

It has a colored and monochrome print, whatever is suited to users. Hp has been ruling this printing industry for so long, and we already trust them for the excellent features.

Hp printer error code 49 appears when the printer is connected, but it is not recognized by the computer operating device. Sometimes when the Hp printer is fully bonded, your windows have not identified the printer, and you see no connection for that, this error code appears.

It is because of the malfunctioning of the windows and any operating system. Hp printer error code 45 disrupts your documents and other vital files and leads to remove that. It also stops the functioning of firewall protection. And it needs to sort as soon as possible.

Some of the causes of HP Printer 49 Error Code

Causes of HP Printer 49 Error Code
Causes of HP Printer 49 Error Code

The primary explanation behind this event of Hp printer mistake code 49 is the nonappearance of correspondence between the desktop and the PC. The fundamental issues are:

  • Damaged data move
  • Invalid print orders
  • Registry blunders
  • Invalid activities

Information defilement will happen attributable to the frequency of electrical commotion in your HP printer. Helpless associations and equal wires of lousy quality will likewise bring about errors. The following is an answer for fixing HP printer error code 49.

After knowing the leading cause of the error, it is essential to see the troubleshooting steps to solve the issues as soon as possible. Let’s have a look at the troubleshooting steps to rectify the error 49

For HP Printer Support, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683​

Solutions for HP Printer 49 Error

Method 1: Restart the HP printer

  • Unplug the organization link and clear the print prompt – Power cycle the printer and check whether the blunder reoccurs. If not, the mistake may have been brought about by a print work that was excessively intricate or utilizing a specific realistic not upheld or perceived by the printer.
  • Convert the archive to Convert your report to another product application. For instance, convert a Word archive to a PDF or the other way around. The rationale behind this is that you most likely have an order in the library that the printer doesn’t have the foggiest idea of dealing with. At the point when you convert the report to new programming, the information is reformatted.
  • Eliminate the JetDirect-network card – Turn the printer off, eliminate network card, and betray. On the off chance that the mistake clears with the card destroyed, it is likely a defective card.
  • Eliminate the printer’s hard drive – If relevant, eliminate the printer’s hard drive – if mistake clears, the hard drive might be inadequate.
  • Eliminate any extra printer memory – Printers that have memory DIMM as a firmware reinforcement may not be taken out.
  • Play out a virus reset to reestablish all industrial facility settings. (Counting IP address)
  • Introduce flow printer driver
  • Redesign The Printers Firmware

Supplant The Printer’s Formatter Board – If the firmware DIMM – CFM has been redesigned or supplanted and the 49 mistake proceeds, the formatter should be replaced.

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Method 2: Change the registry

  • This method is a critical segment of guaranteeing your PCs’ wellbeing, and it works all through. The vault is commonly a broad Windows system information base that stores basic settings and choices that your PC needs to perform.
  • This segment of your PC is an essential extra room for the entirety of your system’s fundamental parts.
  • Amazingly, the library regularly makes a significant measure of mix-ups in your framework, as it is continuously harmed and tainted, prompting botches like blunder code 49 being exhibited by Windows.
  • You can download the library cleaner to fix all your mistake issues on the HP printer.

For HP Printer Support, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683​


We hope that through this article, you get to know some of how you can solve this issue as soon as possible. It is essential to know that if your HP printer shows the error code 49, you can easily follow up the steps to clear the issues.

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