How to fix Epson Printer won’t Print Black

How to fix Epson Printer won't Print Black

While talking about EPSON, the brand itself explores the great features of printing. It has the best quality of picture and the printing capabilities are very good. Being the brand, the company itself proves its capability to be in these printing arenas by testing their product on different documents with the new printers. It always brings new features to their printing product and helpful for the users.

A brand like this knows what the users need in the printer. They enhanced the new features to their printer so that the users do not have to look for the other printer’s needs. It deals with the big printer for the business types and the small printers for household purposes. Epson concerns with the user’s satisfaction and brings a lot of features which is highly enjoyed by the users:

  1. Wireless printers: though the wireless printers are meant for good and effective connection, they are most reliable for the users.
  2. Scanners: it scans the page and print in good quality. Scanners should be fast and clear.  
  3. Updated drivers: Epson launched the drivers for their printer which is quite good for the users; the users need to update the drivers to improve the printing quality.

After knowing some of the qualities of Epson, it is important to focus our concern on the Epson printer, not printing black. Well in this article you get to know some of the causes which lead you to face this issue. Some of the troubleshooting steps help you to tackle the issue Epson printer not printing black.

Causes of Epson Printer not Printing Black

  • Printer establishment issues
  • Printer location issues
  • Similarity issues
  • Setup issues
  • Slow printing speed
  • Paper gets stuck
  • A low printing ink or toner issues
  • Spooler errors
  • Printer adjust and improvement
  • Unfit to print from Printer
  • Driver installation error  
  • Incidental error messages
  • Helpless printing quality
  • Unfit to utilize Printer over the Wi-Fi organize

After knowing various issues, it is somehow necessary to have the best solution to rectify the Epson printer, not printing black error.

Toll Free Epson Printer Support Helpline Number +1 (917) 338 3683

Basic solution to fix Epson printer won’t Print Black Issue

  • As a matter of first importance, the client should make a check whether the PC and printer are off or not. Now, the interface link from the Epson printer ought to likewise be disconnected.
  • Also, the client should ensure that a paper is stacked to the printer the same number of times the paper isn’t there and printing doesn’t take place.
  • The client should then hold the load button and should then press the power button.
  • Once every one of these means occurs the client should turn on their Epson printer and should make a test print to see whether the issue is solved or not.

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Cleaning the Printing Heads

As we discussed in the causes that dirty print heads lead you to face this issue. You can follow the steps to clear the print heads:

  • Open the control board from the work area and Snap-On equipment and sound.
  • On the head of the page, you will see a choice of printers and gadgets. Pick your Epson printer from the rundown of printers.
  • Right-click on the Epson printer and pick printing inclinations.
  • A discourse box will show up with three choices on the top and pick the alternative of support.
  • Another page will open and from that point pick head cleaning.

After cleaning the printing heads, you need to make sure to print something. Just to make sure that the Epson printer not printing black error is solved or not.

Empty Ink Cartridges

  • Open the top front of the printer to check the ink cartridge. Expel it individually and check the ink levels of each.
  • Check the ink in the cartridge is beneath the alarm mark or not. If it is beneath mark simply transform it or ink cartridge has ink at that point check the subsequent explanation.
  • Presently, clean Epson printer print head utilizing a perfect material. Presently, close the printer spread and attempt to print a document to check It is working or not.

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We wish that through this you get to know some of the reasons behind the Epson printer, not printing black. It is important to clear the roller and toner so that the printer could work effectively. You need to check the ink cartridges to make the printing clearer.

We wish that the steps are quite easy and understandable. In case you are using the wireless printer, then check for a strong internet connection. Or you are using a USB printer then make sure the wires are not broken or tangled.

We wish that the steps are understandable and you can follow that precisely.

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