How to Fix Canon Support Code 5100

How to Fix Canon Support Code 5100

Many customers choose the canon printer for their office work and homework. Canon is a reliable printer company, but many users experience some problems with their canon printer during their printing work. Due to the error like canon support code 5100, their urgent works stops in midway and cause its users great trouble. A user wants to get rid of the problem as soon as possible to continue its printing work and complete its urgent task.

Reasons Why Canon Support Code 5100 Error Occur?

One of the reasons for the Canon support code 5100 error is the ink carriage. If there is some problem with the ink carriage, then this might cause the users great trouble. So a user needs to fix this problem to get rid of the Canon support code 5100 error.

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Methods to fix Canon support code 5100 error?

Replace the Ink Cartridge

Your ink cartridge in the printer will cause this issue. When the ink cartridge is not properly installed in the printer, then it will lead to many printer issues. So that a user needs to replace the ink cartridge with the new ink cartridge. A user can follow the below-given steps to replace the ink cartridge.

  • To start the procedure, a user must turn off the Canon printer.
  • When your printer is turned off, open the cover of the Canon printer.
  • Now, a user needs to open the paper output tray.
  • After that, remove the ink cartridge from the canon printer.
  • Once you removed the old cartridge, now you need to set the new cartridge in the printer.
  • Now place the new ink cartridge in the printers and close the printer cover.
  • Last, turn on your canon printer and make sure you do a test printing to check if the error remains or not.

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Protective Tape

Many times, canon printer users forgot to remove the protective tape from the ink cartridge. So a user must remove the protective tape before installing the ink cartridge in the printer. And to check whether you placed the ink cartridge in the printer without removing the protective tape, follow the steps.

  • So, turn off your printer and open the printer cover.
  • And here, if you find the protective tape, then you need to remove it.
  • After removing the tape, close the printer cover and turn on your printer to check whether your printer still shows the error.

Reset the Canon Printer

A user must reset the canon printer timely to get rid of the many canon printer problems. After the heavy load printing work, it is required to reset the printer so that next time you use the printer, you will not face any issue. So, reset the printer once a week. To reset the printer, a user needs to press the start button and hold it for like 5-10 seconds and then release it. It will surely help the user to get rid of many issues.

Solve the Paper Jam Problem

If some paper stuck in your canon printer, then this will lead to the Canon support code 5100 error. To resolve your paper jamming issue to fix the 5100 code error. So follow these guidelines to fix paper jamming.

  • First, turn off your canon printer and unplug all the connected cables.
  • In the next step, open the document tray and cover.
  • Now, a user needs to look for the stuck paper in the printer.
  • Now with the help of the lever, remove the stuck paper from the printer.
  • After that, turn on your printer and use your printer without any issue or problem.

Clean the Printing/Encoder strip

Your Encoder strip also causes you the Canon support code 5100 error. Encoder strip is very useful for the printing speed and position. So a user needs to clean it with the dry cotton cloth. Make sure you do it properly and do not damage anything.


Toll-Free Canon Printer Support Helpline, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683

All these methods will surely help the users to fix the Canon support code 5100 error. There is another way of solving the issue by contacting the Canon Printer support desk +1 (917) 338-3683. We will help you solve all your canon printer related problems.

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Why is my Canon printer not responding?

When your canon printer is not responding, then there are many reasons behind it like your network connection, your outdated drivers, etc. So first of all, check your network connectivity. And ensures your system and Canon printer are connected to the same network connection.

How to connect the Canon printer with the wireless network?

The steps to connect the canon printer with the wireless network is quite simple. All a user needs to do is to press the Wi-Fi button and hold it. After that, press the WPS button. Once you did it, your device will search the wireless network and will connect with the network connection. A user must know the Wi-Fi name and password to complete the procedure.

How to troubleshoot Canon printer error?

If a user faces Canon printer error, then there are various reasons for it. And to get rid of all the issues, a user must find the cause of the problem and then resolve it. One of the reasons for many canon printer problems is outdated printer drivers. So update your printer driver timely to fix many canon printer errors.

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