How to fix Canon Support code 1660

Canon Support Code 1660

Canon printer error code 1660 shows when your cartridge isn’t working correctly or some of the errors could stop the whole functioning. It by and large strikes when you don’t introduce the ink cartridges appropriately. At the point when the mistake strikes on your Printer, it won’t permit you to advance with the printing meeting. This mistake can even make the printing cycle moderate and drowsy. If you need to encounter a problem-free printing, at that point, you need to investigate the Canon printer mistake code 1660.

What causes Canon Support Code 1660

What causes Canon Support Code 1660
What causes Canon Support Code 1660


Printer ghosting is a, generally, happening issue in laser printers that outcomes in the arrangement of darkened printouts. This can affect the presentation of a laser printer utilized in workplaces to turn out high volumes of printouts. In light of the concealing prints, you can see the twofold printing of singular substance.

Printer ghosting can accomplish a nonappearance of detail in the printout that makes it mismatched for usage in any way at all. This issue happens fundamentally considering the mistake of the printing drum or fuser unit.

Stopped up Print Heads

The print head is a printed piece that assists move with inking onto the page. It does this by finishing little globules of ink through various printer spouts to make an ideal print. Precisely when one of these spouts gets stopped up, your pictures seem, by all accounts, to be clouded or squalid.

Low Ink

Canon printer is extraordinary in managing the device. However, concerning the ink issue, at that point, it baffles the people. In light of low ink, people face dull printing. The idea of printing is tranquil, and a part of the misprinting issues furthermore come.

In this article, you get to know some of the troubleshooting steps so that you can solve the issue as soon as possible. 

Toll-Free Canon Printer Support Helpline, Dial +1 (917) 338-3683

Troubleshooting Steps to fix Canon Support Code 1660

Method 1: Insert Ink Cartridge 

This straightforward hack clicks for some clients to determine this mistake in 1660. On the off chance that you incorrectly introduce the cartridge, at that point, it very well may be a reason for this blunder code 1660. Experience the all means individually as trained beneath to reinsert the ink cartridges: 

  1. Above all else, eliminate the printer cover. 
  2. Presently, check if the red lights on the ink cartridges are turned on or not. 
  3. If the red light of an ink cartridge is killed, at that point, it implies that this ink cartridge isn’t embedded appropriately. 
  4. Along these lines, you need to reinsert this once more. 
  5. Eliminate the cartridge first. At that point, after individual seconds, reinsert it cautiously. 
  6. Ensure that the orange defensive cap is taken out from the lower part of the ink cartridge. 
  7. Presently, press the Resume/Cancel change to proceed with the printing cycle.

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Method 2: Clean Ink Cartridge and Reset it 

Below is the step by step instructions to clean ink cartridge after reinserting the ink cartridges, on the off chance that you actually face this issue simply perfect and reset the ink cartridges individually. Adhere to the guidelines offered beneath to eliminate the cartridge and reset this. 

  1. To begin with, turn off the Printer and disengage all the links from the Printer. 
  2. Presently, open the top and eliminate the ink cartridge delicately. 
  3. Clean it cautiously and embed it. 
  4. Presently, hold the reset button for quite a while. 
  5. You can see a red light squinting when the Printer and ink cartridge association is set up. 
  6. Press the reset button once more. 
  7. At the point when the green light begins to squint, leave the catch. 
  8. Presently, the resetting cycle of the ink cartridge is finished. Now, do an example printing to check if the process is effective.
  9. If you cannot solve the issue while resetting, it would be easy to reset the Printer and the device. 

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Method 3: Restart the Printer

  1. To begin with, unplug the force link of your Printer. 
  2. Presently, sit tight for quite a while. 
  3. After specific minutes, press the force catch and hold it for particular seconds. 
  4. Holding the force button, associate the force link of your Printer. 
  5. Presently, when the Printer is turned on, leave the force button. 
  6. Attempt to print again on your Canon printer and check if the difficulty perseveres.

Method 4: Printer Settings

It is to be seen that sporadically, on account of a segment of the sham settings, you may have the option to go up against this issue—all you need to change the printing settings.

Press the change start to finish to the force switch for 5 seconds.

The force LED will begin sparkling, and trust that the green light will stop.

When the green light quits glimmering on the force button, it proposes that the hiding structure has been secure. Take out a print to check the concealing printing.


We wish that through this article, you get to know some of the troubleshooting steps to fix canon support code 1660. You must know how to clear the ink Cartridge and some of the Printer parts that you need to take off from the device. We wish that the above steps and the required infr=ormation are preferred to you and solve the issue as soon as possible. 

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