How to fix Canon Error 5011

Canon Error 5011

Canon is a brand that is known for offering us different sorts of specialized contraptions and one of those devices is the printer. The printers offered by ordinance are awesome that cause us differently. With the assistance of the Canon printer, alongside printing, we can sweep and fax too. A printer as a specialized gadget once in a while needs to experience some specialized blunders which can prevent it from working easily. Canon printers likewise need to confront that specialized error which makes it hard to work with. At the point when you face any of these blunders in your Canon printer, you can take help from the Canon of Canon Printer Support.

Canon printer error code 5011 is additionally one of those mistakes that prevent the printer from working. There are a few techniques by applying which you can without much of a stretch determination those blunders. Here, we will talk about the Canon printer error 5011 and 4 simple strides by applying which you can without much of a stretch investigate the error from your printer.

Troubleshooting steps to follow to fix Canon error 5011

Method 1

  1. As indicated by this arrangement, on the off chance that you need to eliminate the canon printer error code 5011, first you need to unplug your standard printer from the electrical plug.
  2. Then, to that, you need to hang tight for 5 minutes and afterward plugin it once more.
  3. You can attempt this strategy moreover
  4. At the point when you turn off the printer, at that point, you need to open the printer cover which you need to open while changing the ink cartridge.
  5. Presently you can turn on the printer and keeping in mind that the printer is instating you need to close the printer cover.
  6. You can pick this strategy additionally to attempt which is as per the following
  7. As indicated by this arrangement, close to control off your printer, you need to press and afterward hold both power+cancel simultaneously.

Canon Printer Support: From that point forward, you can deliver the drop button by holding the force button.

At that point click at the force button up to multiple times and afterward you can deliver the drop and force catches both.

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Method 2

The Canon printer error 5011 may happen in your canon printer as a result of paper of any articles which are left inside the printer. So when this mistake happens in your printer, you need to check inside the printer to check if there is anything left inside the printer. You need to eliminate the article from within the printer if you discover anything so you can fix this group printer error 5011.

Method 3

By cleaning the encoder strip likewise, you can fix the standard printer mistake 5011. The encoder segment of your Canon printer is behind the cartridge which moves the option to the left.

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Method 4

You can fix the canon printer error code 5011 by supplanting the scanner unit of your printer.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the steps by which you can solve the canon printer error code 5011. We can see different kinds of errors in our Canon printer. The error code 5011 is one of those errors which we can see looking at our Canon printer. If the cartridge holder gets consistent and won’t move to the middle then this error code 5011 happens in your Canon printer.

 At the point when this error happens in the Canon printer and you will print a report, at that point the mistake message meaning the error 5011 is shown by your PC or by your Canon printer. This mistake is showing a specialized error that happens in your Canon printer. If you are stuck in between then you have the assistance that helps you to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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