How to fix Canon Printer Error 6a81

Canon Printer Error 6a81

The printers delivered by Canon are great in quality. Alongside printing, they likewise help us by examining and faxing. Even though their (Canon printers) exhibitions are acceptable, yet they likewise need to experience specialized mistakes. Standard printer mistake 6A81 is additionally one of those group printer specialized issues. This group printer mistake 6A81 can be caused in light of the hindrance inside the printer.

Fundamentally, it happens as a result of the cleanse unit deformity as the wipe was not appropriately positioned and it by one way or another obstructing the printhead. Here, we talk about the way toward eliminating the group printer error 6A8. On the off chance that you need, you likewise can take the assistance of Canon Printer Support in eliminating the specialized printer issues.

Methods to Solve Canon printer error 6a81

Method 1: Reset the Canon printer

  1. Start the cycle of resetting the ordinance printer by squeezing and holding down the “power” switch for certain minutes and afterward you need to trust that the gadget will close down.
  2. Then, you need to detach the printer from the PC and afterward unplug the force string.
  3. Presently you have to press and hang the On/Off catch and afterward, you can put the force string once more into the attachment.
  4. You additionally need to re-interface the Canon printer to the PC and by turning the force on, turn on your printer.

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Method 2: Clear the paper jam and clean the parts

  1. To clear the ordinance printer mistake 6A81, you need to clear the paper jam from within the printer.
  2. To do that, by taking assistance of torchlight or any sort of light, you need to check inside the group printer to check if there is any paper stuck inside including the paper plate.
  3. You additionally need to check for paper morsels or some other item and if you discover any, eliminate it.
  4. At the point when you have completed this technique, presently you should check if the group printer blunder 6A81 is taken out or still there.

Method 3: Eliminate obstruction and the unstuck cleanse unit

As the Canon printer blunder 6A81 happens because of the Purge unit stuck, so to eliminate this mistake, take long hardware like the screwdriver and afterward clear the blockages around the cleanse segment.

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Method 4: Eliminate the residue from the standard printer

  1. By eliminating the residue from the standard printer, you may eliminate the group printer blunder 6A81.
  2. To clean the residue, take a spotless dry material and afterward clean inside the printer by which you can eliminate the earth from the outside of the roller.
  3. Along these lines, you can take care of the pages accurately into the paper plate and the rollers can move uninhibitedly when you are printing.

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Method 5: Connect the wires

  1. Check the relationship of the USB interface as it isn’t broken or hurt or tangled in the middle of the association.
  2. Check the Canon official webpage to download the refreshed printer driver with the contrasting working structure and your PC. It is imperative to download the refreshed drivers for the smooth working of the printer.
  3. At that point reset the machine, unplug the force, and hold on for 5 minutes. By then turn on the force of the printer to check if it is working appropriately.


We wish that through his article you get to know some of the troubleshooting steps to fix canon printer error 6a81. In case, if you are stuck in between the steps then it is better to choose the option of customer support. There is a team of professionals that helps you solve the issue as soon as possible.

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