How to fix Canon End Code 860

Canon End Code 860

Canon Printer Error Code 860 is named to a specialized mistake among the wide range of various specialized blunders that can be believed to spring up inside the printing gadgets of Canon Printer. The specialized blunder code can happen up inside Canon Printers. Printers springing up with specialized error won’t allow out to play out its print task and can inconvenience out the printer to fall into perpetual harm.

  1. The mechanical gadgets are should have been saved so the printers can keep awake to give dependable assistance. Since printers can inconvenience up with specialized blunders, the gadgets will need out the fundamental strides to excuse out the specialized difficulty from the printer.
  2. Canon Printers are one of the printer brands which convey out prints in an ideal touch. The printers of this brand have all the earmarks of being accessible in different models. The benefits of the models are that each model shows up to be in refreshed forms.
  3. Printers work out to play out their print task according to instructed out by their clients. Since printers endeavor to convey out its print task, consequently it requests out appropriate consideration and support. Ailing in support can lead out the printer to fall into specialized issues.

The Canon Printer Error Code 860 ends up happening up inside the printing gadgets of the Canon Printer. To list up the purpose behind the specialized mistake to happen can be referenced as to happen because of a paper jam. The papers stayed with the printing gadget won’t permit the printer to complete its print, subsequently quicker salvage will figure out the specialized difficulty in quicker movement. To handle out the specialized difficulty the clients will require the right answers for the specialized difficulty to be arranged away.

Methods to Fix Canon End Code 860

Below are the troubleshooting steps by which you can solve the issue of Canon printer error code 860:

Method 1

  1. Cart out the strategy by dismissing the printer when the blunder appears.
  2. You should plug out the force links from the printer gadget.
  3. Presently you should open the yield cover.
  4. Examine out the ink cartridge as it can show up with stuck papers.
  5. Marginally remove the papers from the zones it is been left with.
  6. As the paper jam is cleared, you can close the printer entryway.
  7. Turn on the gadget and check out that the specialized blunder has been settled by taking up a test print.

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Method 2

The specialized blunder can be believed to show up because transparencies have been spent inappropriately. On the off chance that the transparencies need up to be supplanted, you can do with the substitution.

Method 3

On the off chance that the printing gadget appears at inconvenience out with the specialized mistake then you should assess out the PDL of the machine being strong or not. Additionally, it will need out refreshing the printer driver to work up better and excuse out the specialized mistake to shape up.

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Method 4

  1. Try not to Keep papers on the paper plate for quite a while, present papers exactly when you need to print.
  2. You can use upkeep gadgets to clean paper plate normally
  3. Evacuate if any destroyed small amounts of paper are stuck inside the printer by moving the cartridge holder to the right side, yet before that make sure to control off and switch off the fitting from the connection
  4. Do the header cleaning using support choices in properties.
  5. Run print head game plan tests by going to properties and upkeep again
  6. Run clean in a support decision
  7. Never use TNPL paper for printing and keep it laying on the paper plate for quite a while it pulls in the clamminess and the end prompts paper jam.
  8. Continuously Use extraordinary quality papers with at any rate 75gsm characteristics, on the off chance that you’re in India I would recommend JK copier papers.
  9. The papers need to stay firm while engraving on gathering printers.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the steps by which you can solve the issue as soon as possible. In case, if you are stuck in between then you can contact customer support for a quick solution. You must know how to clean the print heads or the ink cartridges so that printer could work properly.

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