How to fix Brother Printer not printing Double Sided

Brother Printer not printing Double Sided

Brother printers are highly renowned for the best quality printing, scanning, and faxing. Many users use the brother printer as it offers many excellent features and functions. One of the features of the Brother printer is duplex printing.

The duplex printing features helps you to print double sided and save some of your printer expense. But many times, due to some technical errors, you end up facing the brother printer not printing double sided error. This error affects your printer job, and due to this, you require more paper.

And if you are experiencing this error, then here in this article, we provide the full detail about this brother printer error. So, read the full article and get to know the causes and methods to solve the Brother Printer Duplex not Working Issue.

Reasons that cause the Brother Printer Duplex not Working Issue

Brother printer duplex printing is one of the best features of the printer. With the help of this feature, you can save your paper. And if you are not able to use these features, then there are several causes behind it. So, know the reasons first to fix the error. With the help of causes, we can find the best solutions to fix the errors. Have a look.

  1. You can end up facing this error if you are using the brother printer in Windows 7 or Windows XP. Due to the incompatible printer drive for these operating systems, you encounter this error.
  2. If you are a Macbook pro user and using Brother printer on it, then the issue with the mac driver is the cause of your brother printer error. Your Mac driver does not support dual side printing on pages, thus you face the error.
  3. If you have recently updated to Mac OS 10.7.2 version, then also you encounter this error.
  4. Your printer driver is also responsible for the brother printer not printing double-sided error.
  5. Due to the conflict between the brother printers software and third part print service, you also face this error. 
  6. In case you have tried to take printouts from a corrupt folder on your smartphone or any other device, this dual side print out feature may not work properly.

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Methods to fix Brother Printer not Printing double Sided error

Method 1: Make sure your printer has duplex feature installed

Sometimes your duplex feature is disabled, and because of which you are not able to print. So, you need to enable the duplex printing option. Many times this feature is not installed correctly or missing. So, you need to download or buy drivers that enable the duplex feature in your brother printer. Else you will keep facing Brother Printer Duplex not Working Issue.

Method 2: Update your brother printer driver

Your printer driver configuration setting is important as it allows double sided printing. But many times, your outdated or corrupted printer driver or software blocks these features. Thus, you need to download and install the printer driver from the brother printer homepage according to your printer model and operating system. So, update your printer driver with the latest version to activate the duplex printing option in your brother’s printer.

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Method 3: Check the Page setup and paper setting in brother printer

  1. Many times brother printer users forget to check the minor details like paper type or page setup setting that causes the brother printer not printing double sided error. So, if there is no technical error as such that causes this error, then these minor details are responsible for the error. So, you need to check the page size or type under ‘Printer Settings’ and confirm the double sided printer option is checked.
  2. In case you have more than one printer installed, then it can be possible that one printer supports duplex printing and another printer does not.


We hope you can solve your brother printer not printing double sided error by following these methods. You generally face this error due to software and hardware issues. And if you still face the error by following these methods, then don’t worry as not everyone is tech-savvy. You can dial the brother printer support number.

Here our experts will guide every detail regarding the brother printer not printing double sided error. They will provide you the best steps to fix your errors. So, if you are experiencing the Brother Printer Duplex not Working Issue then you can freely contact our technical adviser.

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