How to fix Brother Printer Error 32

Brother Printer Error 32

While using the brother printer, you can confront many printer problems. And brother printer error 32 is one of such problems that hamper your brother printer performance.  You confront these error codes due to many technical reasons. To know the full detail about this error, its cause, and solutions to fix it, keep reading the article.

Common causes of the Brother Printer Error 32

Brother is one of the reputed brands of printers. Brother offers hi-tech and excellent printer models. They offer the users a wide range of printers to pick the best for themselves. With the help of a brother printer, you can easily print, fax, and scan your documents and images.

They capable of printing maximum sheets in less time. Their speed printing saves your time as well as effort. However, brother printers are also prone to some error codes like any print unable 32. Given below are the reasons why it occurs.

Causes of the Brother Print Unable 32
  1. This error code generally occurs due to some software application problem. 
  2. You can also face this error due to corrupt hardware and incorrect user output.
  3. Corrupted and outdated printer driver is also responsible for the brother print unable 32.
  4. Paper jam is another possible reason for the brother printer error.

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Solutions to fix Brother Print Unable 32

Method 1: Disassemble the printer

To troubleshoot the brother printer error 32, you need to disassemble the printer to check the paper jam in the printer. Below given steps help you to check your drum unit, toner, and cartridges to check the paper stuck.

  1. First of all, turn off the device.
  2. In the next step, open the front cover of the printer. To open the cover, you need to press the “Release Button” and then pull it and open the cover of the brother printer.
  3. Now, you can see the drum unit of the printer. 
  4. Next, you need to Hold the green handle and lift the drum unit and slide it out till it stops.
  5. And then, release the gray lock to the side.
  6. This will help you to lift the front of the drum unit and take it out completely from the printer.

Now after lifting the drum unit, you need to clean your toner, cartridges, toner unit, transfer belt, and waste toner box.

  1. Clean the toner cartridge: You need to remove the toner cartridge one by one and pull them out of the drum unit. From the four open slots on the drum units, you need to remove any stuck paper. Clean it properly to prevent any damage to the brother printer.
  2. Clean the transfer belt: You need to remove the transfer belt from the printer by holding the green parts of the belt and lifting and pulling it out of the machine. Examine the belt for any pieces of paper. Make sure that you clean it properly. Rotate it and clean the entire surface of the belt.
  3. Clean the drum unit: You need to verify the drum units carefully and remove any foreign material. Pay close attention to the back of the device.
  4. Clean the toner: To clean the toner, you are required to turn over the toner and look for the pieces of scraps. 
  5. Clean the waste toner box: You also need to clean your waste toner box to completely clean your printer. You can find the waste toner box where the belt was installed. So, look inside it and ensure that you clean it properly.

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Method 2: Check your brother printer driver

Your corrupted, damaged, and outdated printer driver is also responsible for the brother print unable 32. The user must remember that he or she needs to keep updating the printer driver to smooth the running of the printer.

So, to reinstall the latest printer driver, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and here look for the compatible printer driver for your machine and download it. You need to enter your printer model and operating system to look for the compatible and latest printer driver. After downloading the brother printer driver, install it on your system, and then check the status of your printer.


We hope these solutions help you to fix your brother printer error 32 If these methods won’t help you out, you can refer our brother printer support. Sometimes it happens that you require experts to advise to fix your issues as some problems require technical guidelines. So, to get the expert guidelines, you can get in touch with our experts. They will solve your queries and offers you the best and instant assistance. We will make sure that you get the best from our dedicative and experienced staff members.

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