Brother Intellifax 4100 Troubleshooting

Brother Intellifax 4100 Troubleshooting

Brother is one of the top brands of the printer. All the brother printer models gain lots of appreciation from the users, and one of the Brother printer models is the brother intellifax 4100. And without any doubt, we can say brother intellifax 4100 is one of the best printer models of the brother printer. They are best in printing, faxing, and scanning. Their performance is highly appreciated by customers across the globe.

This brother printer model is no longer available in the market, those who still have it encounters some issue with it. They may face some technical errors that hamper their brother printer performance. And to continue their printing work, they need some efficient and effective solutions to troubleshoot the error. So, here you will know some effective methods for brother intellifax 4100 troubleshooting. So, keep reading the article, and get rid of your brother printer error.

Methods for Brother Intellifax 4100 Troubleshooting

Method 1: Reset the Drum Counter

There are times when you face the Change Drum Soon error on your display, then it is high time for you to reset the Drum Counter. And to do so, you are required to follow the given steps.

  1. Initially, you need to open the front cover of the Brother printer.
  2. Now, you need to press the clear option.
  3. Next, you are required to press ‘1’ to reset the counter. 

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Method 2: Check the paper load tray

For brother intellifax 4100 troubleshooting, you also need to check the paper load tray. Check whether you have enough paper loaded on the tray or not.

  1. You need to look on the display screen to check whether you are having any ‘Check Paper’ error message or not.
  2. To do so, you are required to pull the load tray out of the machine.
  3. Now, check if there is any crinkled or stuck paper inside it or not.
  4. Next, you need to load the paper in the paper tray if it is empty.
  5. Make sure you align the paper correctly.

Method 3: Stop Overfilling the Paper Tray

If you are facing the error in your brother intellifax 4100, then you need to stop overfilling the paper tray. So to fix the error, take out the excess paper from the paper tray. You need to be sure that you do not overload the paper tray. Keep the paper volume appropriate to avoid any brother printer error.

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Method 4: Remove Paper Jam

Another way to fix an error in your brother intellifax 4100 is to remove the paper jam. Many times papers got stuck in the printer, and your printer performance becomes sluggish. If you are facing this issue, then do the given required steps.

  1. To start the process, you need to open the front cover of the brother printer.
  2. In the next step, remove the stuck paper inside the printer carefully.
  3. Clean your printer.
  4. Now, you need to close the cover of the printer.
  5. Next, press the Stop or Exit button.
  6. Last, to check the printer performance, do the test printing.

Method 5: Decrease the print resolution

For brother intellifax 4100 troubleshooting, you can also decrease the print resolution. This is an easy and effective way to troubleshoot the error. You are required to go through the following steps.

  1. To start the process, click on the File and then Print option.
  2. In the next step, go to the Print Options.
  3. Now, under the Print Options, you need to click on the software application where you are trying to print from.
  4. Next, you need to decrease the resolution of the brother printer.
  5. Last, you need to try to print or scan something to check the printer performance.


These are some easy and effective ways for the brother intellifax 4100 troubleshooting. We hope that you can easily perform these methods and get rid of your brother printer error. All methods are easy to understand, and one can simply perform all these methods. However, if you are not able to fix your brother printer issues, then you can contact the Brother printer support.

Here you can get the best answers or solutions to all your brother printer queries and errors. The executives will immediately look into your problem and do their best to eradicate the issue. The team of executives is highly capable of solving even difficult issues with their best guidelines. So, if you have any brother printer error, contact our Brother printer support number.

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